"I just wanted to tell you that I have ordered again from GC, this time 2 creams!!! That only means one thing... my 5-month-old son, Bruno, has atopic skin, and the oatmeal cream has been great for him !! We couldn't be happier. Once again, thank you for your work. You are a great team, from the heart"

"Hello, the cream is amazing! In less than 2 weeks almost everything has been removed!!! He has small circles left but no comparison! He has atopic skin and no cream that they sent him, did nothing, and this is magical! Congratulations for your work"

"I would like to send you a photo of the before and after of the inner part of my granddaughter's knees so that you could show the result of 1 single day applied 4 times and another at night is amazing. I ask you to share because it really works I've been like who says adding the cream every 3 hours and I must say that I have been very moved because the first times he cried a lot and said that it itched I did not want to apply the cortisone even though he had it"

"I suppose you won't read me, but I want to tell you about the miracle that your cream did on my husband's legs. He has suffered from psoriasis for many years, they have looked at him badly on the street for having raw legs. Only a week ago that he is using the cream and it really is a miracle"

"You are great, I am going to send you a photo because the evolution that my little one is having is amazing... 1 week apart, when he comes out of the nursery I send you more than the same, you will be surprised"

"That's the photo from the other day. Two days later, applying the cream in the morning and at night"

"This is an atopic dermatitis sufferer from the day she was born. As I was saying, I have had dermatitis since I was a baby and as you can guess I have tried thousands of creams, gels and treatments (including Phototherapy). Conclusion: If they do not have cortisone, the outbreak will not go away 100%. Before I started using the moisturizing cream and bath gel, my arms were ruined, due to eczema and scratching wounds from the itching that it gives me. Now I have been using the products for several days and the improvement is Obviously. Thank you for the work you do, and you have made me very happy!"

"Both I and my two children have had this problem in double contact areas of the skin (basically behind the knees and elbows). Reddish spots that itch with heat or more stressful situations. Myself over the years I have tried many creams, and now with the children too. The 3 of us use it, and using it at night and in the morning both the two children and myself, we have noticed a great change that, until now, with no other product I had achieved. Very happy indeed!"