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Today we are talking about a star product that we have in our Family's Store in Green Corners , possibly the best teethers on the market. The health and well-being of your baby is the most important thing, and from that base Lanco by Wanatoy was created.

Lanco is a family business founded by Alfredo Benet in 1952 in Barcelona.

They are the first European brand of natural rubber toys, biodegradable and therefore sustainable. Its toys are produced through a purely handmade system, which is connected with Lanco 's slow living philosophy. The plaster molds are made one by one, trimmed and polished by hand and decorated with a brush piece by piece.

They have improved their ecological and artisanal values, among other things by eliminating plastic from all their packaging, made exclusively from recycled cardboard and organic cotton bags.

The manufacturing process of the teethers is strictly handmade : the development of the prototype, the plaster molds, the cutting, polishing and decoration. Our toys are unique and unrepeatable , revealing the originality of nature.

Airtight and safe, all toys are airtight , preventing water from entering inside and guaranteeing your safety . Free of PVC, Nitrosamines, Phthalates, Aluminum or other toxic components, and decorated with food grade paints .

Below we present some of the most successful toys/teethers for babies on the market and that we already have available on the web!


Thanks to its contrasting colors you can stimulate the baby's vision by bringing Kori about 15-20 cm from his face, moving him slightly from front to back, in a very smooth movement you can stimulate his visual attention.

Also visual tracking, moving Kori from right to left to try to get the baby to follow it with its gaze, thus we stimulate the tracking of the object.

Little by little the coordination of the hands will evolve and you will see that your baby will be able to hold Kori better and try to put it in the mouth intentionally, it is a wonderful and very light teether!

It is the baby's first toy, including the premature baby.


Coco is a fantastic teether to stimulate the closing of the hands and the search for the midline. You can offer your baby from the first weeks, if we stimulate the opening of the hands passing Coco over the fingers, we can put the teether in the center of the hand so that it closes it as a reflex action.

At the beginning we will encourage the grip with one hand but little by little you will be able to start holding Coco with both hands, promoting the motor development of the upper extremities. Its lightness favors that while they bite it they practice the future grasp of objects with their hands joined in the center.

It is the baby's first toy, including the premature baby.


With Monstera we want to convey appreciation and curiosity for nature with a current and cheerful design. Thanks to the two holes of the Monstera Deliciosa your baby will be able to explore and improve their fine motor skills, it is also a very soft and pleasant teether for their gums.


Asteroidea, like Monstera, is a hymn to nature, its texture presents roughness to stimulate the baby's gums, providing a very pleasant sensation of relief.

It is a striking color ideal for visual development. Ideal for giving a light massage to the baby.

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