The #revolution begins


This revolution starts thanks to you.

Since we were born you have seen how we have been growing and experimenting with different products and brands, always with a casual air and focusing on taking care of what we love most: families. Listening to you we have been learning and growing to be able to offer you the best because, as we always say, "I deserve the best":

Searching among our roots, we wanted to pay tribute to our generation: The "Millennials", because this line is designed for a generation that is revolutionizing the world and lives the present breaking prejudices.

1. Millennials do not know the limits of the virtual world.

Yes. We do not know our limits.
We have grown up listening: study, look for a permanent job, be practical, look for security... But we are not satisfied with that, we want to go further, doing what we are passionate about, what makes us happy, contributing to society, innovating, doing things heart, grow, feel alive.

2. They have different goals than older generations.
We have a different relationship with money. We live more with less. We want to enjoy things. Not have them. The future is now.

3. They need constant recognition.
We need to know. We like to share our experiences, we like to give love, give our opinion, react, debate and save everything that inspires us.

4. They are too changeable.
We live in a globalized world that pushes us to travel, get to know cultures, empathize with what is happening thousands of kilometers away from us. We are nonconformists.

This line is designed for those who break prejudices, in love with life, ENJOY in capital letters, involved with social and environmental causes... This line is for those who think they deserve the best.

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