Everything has been very fast! We have suddenly gone from day to night. Nothing to do with a nightfall watching the sun slowly hide to make way for the stars and the moon. What we have experienced has been an eclipse. In minutes we have gone from day to night, from light to darkness, from hope to anguish, from illusion to pessimism.
We have been confined for months, away from our loved ones, even saying goodbye, without being able to say goodbye, to people who left us. In those hard moments at Green Cornerss we do not hesitate to act with determination and commitment. We closed our e-commerce and dedicated all our efforts, infrastructure and logistics to help and, thanks to the commitment of many of you, we managed to manufacture and distribute thousands of masks to thousands of people and institutions.
We already thanked you, but no matter how many times we do it, it will never be enough: thank you, thank you and a thousand times thank you on behalf of all those thousands of people who were able to protect themselves in those hard times.
Now everything is starting to return to the "new normal". We enter the night with an eclipse, but we are seeing the light of the sun like a slow dawn; that fills us with warmth and hope with each passing day. We are slowly recovering our routines, our life, our illusions.
After this ordeal, now more than ever, we must be responsible! We can only fight this virus (until a vaccine comes out) with hygiene, the use of a mask and social distance. Those are our only three weapons.
The way we have found to communicate the importance of this moment has been to distance the traces of our logo. The Green Corners logo is the fingertips of a small child (well, they really are the fingers of Estefi's twins). It symbolizes a hand, the union between loved ones. A hand, no matter how much you open it to separate the fingers, they will always be united in one hand.
In this case, in Green Corners, we have separated the fingers of our hand, breaking the laws of nature, placing one after the other. Our fingers now maintain social distance. Changing our logo, our essence, is hard, but right now we have to be aware and responsible, only SEPARATE US will we be more together than ever.

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