We have the perfect routine for your baby in just 4 steps.

Our products have been Dermatologically tested, under pediatric supervision . Therefore, they are not only suitable for both children and adults, but have been created specifically for the care of your baby's delicate skin.
Today, after the incorporation of the new Baby & Me format , we bring you the 4 steps so that your baby goes to sleep relaxed, hydrated and with a natural and delicious aroma.

1. A relaxing bath

Our Lavender bath gel is suitable for atopic skin. It has relaxing, moisturizing and emollient properties, perfect for the daily care of your baby. Its natural ingredients and its delicate aroma will leave the skin hydrated and your baby relaxed before going to sleep.

Lavender bath gel»

2. Moisturizes the skin

Our cream is suitable for atopic skin. It is specifically designed for delicate skin. Apply it after bathing, it leaves your baby's skin hydrated, soft and with a delicate and natural aroma.
Oat Moisturizing Cream »

3. Take care of sensitive areas.

Our Chamomile-based diaper cream provides relief in the most sensitive areas of your baby. It also contains zinc oxide to absorb exudation. Keeps your baby's bottom hydrated and prevents irritation.

Chamomile Diaper Cream »

4. Sweet scent

Baby & Me is a natural, alcohol-free fragrance that envelops and accompanies the little ones and the older ones as well.
Apply it to your baby after bathing and it will leave a sweet, delicate and natural aroma.

Baby & Me Cologne »

We take care of your baby with products created specifically for the little ones, which we can also use for the older ones. With natural ingredients, delicate aromas and respecting animals and the environment.
Our Pack for your baby's routine is becoming an essential in all homes.

Also remember that now, for purchases over €50* shipping is FREE.
*Except the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.


Raquel Arce Gómez

Graduada en Farmacia. Nº colegiado: 3438 Departamento I+D+i Green Cornerss Care

Raquel Arce es graduada en Farmacia por la Universidad de Navarra y está especializada en la Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación en la industria del medicamento para mejorar la salud de las personas.

Asesora en la formulación de nuevos productos dermocosméticos, gestión de documentación con los laboratorios, resolución de dudas de consumidoras y elaboración de blog divulgativos.

Actualmente, forma parte del personal técnico de apoyo a la investigación en el departamento de Ensayos Clínicos de Navarrabiomed, Centro de Investigación Biomédica del Gobierno de Navarra y de la Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA).

Experiencia profesional

  • Personal técnico de apoyo a la investigación en Navarrabiomed - Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Navarra (2023-actualidad).
  • Técnico de investigación en el Departamento de Tecnología y Química Farmacéuticas de la Universidad de Navarra (2021-2022).
  • Farmacéutica interina (2021-2022).
  • Estancia formativa en Farmacia (2021).
  • Estancia de formación en el laboratorio de investigación de calidad ambiental de TIMAC AGRO España (2019).


  • Grado en Farmacia por la Universidad de Navarra (2021).
  • Curso de Primeros Auxilios en la naturaleza. Instituto Navarro de la Juventud (2022).
  • Curso de iniciación a los Primeros Auxilios. Instituto Navarro de la Juventud (2022).

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