A month begins in which we can make MAGIC together
Inspired by the photography of @angele.basikbousouk last week we went to Gran Vía (Madrid) in order to recreate this moment as a "social experiment" , a man and a woman on the same street, in the same position, in a "little or nothing" usual situation such as being without a shirt, only covering oneself with a shirt around the neck. We ignore the fact that it is not normal to see this type of situation in the heart of a city in winter, something that would surprise anyone, but we verified that despite the fact that both people "should" surprise, the woman was much more observed than the man (see the differences between the 2 images) .
The purpose of these images was to create a metaphor , how 2 people in the same situation are judged differently depending on their gender. Metaphor that alludes to many other situations of daily life.
Not only was this our object of experimentation, we also wanted to see the reaction of people when they saw these two photos on social networks and their comments about it.
That was what happened:
  1. We uploaded the man's photo, a total of 97 comments in 24 hours.
  2. People react little to photography or react with "how cold", "in the middle of the mass", "ignorance"...
  3. The next day, we uploaded the woman's photo, it reached 97 comments in just 20 minutes, 457 comments in 24 hours.
  4. People react in two different ways: "Ridiculous", "unnecessary", "it is not necessary to teach to claim anything". Comments that contrast with: "freedom", "judged woman", "nobody looked when I was the boy"...
Our general impressions and what we wanted to highlight: 99.9% of comments on both photos were from women.
With these photographs, our purpose was not to "vindicate" how the female body is sexualized in contrast to the male (which we ignored), our main objective was to see the reactions and comments of the women themselves judging the woman.
The reason for this year's “ Girlpower ” campaign is based on this, on Sorority . How women themselves, among us, are often the ones who judge the most, criticize each other and do not support each other. Unfortunately, many call it "freedom of expression", but freedom of expression ends when it goes against the freedom of another person, when it threatens moral dignity...
Let's start with ourselves, with the concept of Sorority, with the "Girls Support Girls", and with all that this entails: Support each other.

Raquel Arce Gómez

Graduada en Farmacia. Nº colegiado: 3438 Departamento I+D+i Green Cornerss Care

Raquel Arce es graduada en Farmacia por la Universidad de Navarra y está especializada en la Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación en la industria del medicamento para mejorar la salud de las personas.

Asesora en la formulación de nuevos productos dermocosméticos, gestión de documentación con los laboratorios, resolución de dudas de consumidoras y elaboración de blog divulgativos.

Actualmente, forma parte del personal técnico de apoyo a la investigación en el departamento de Ensayos Clínicos de Navarrabiomed, Centro de Investigación Biomédica del Gobierno de Navarra y de la Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA).

Experiencia profesional

  • Personal técnico de apoyo a la investigación en Navarrabiomed - Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Navarra (2023-actualidad).
  • Técnico de investigación en el Departamento de Tecnología y Química Farmacéuticas de la Universidad de Navarra (2021-2022).
  • Farmacéutica interina (2021-2022).
  • Estancia formativa en Farmacia (2021).
  • Estancia de formación en el laboratorio de investigación de calidad ambiental de TIMAC AGRO España (2019).


  • Grado en Farmacia por la Universidad de Navarra (2021).
  • Curso de Primeros Auxilios en la naturaleza. Instituto Navarro de la Juventud (2022).
  • Curso de iniciación a los Primeros Auxilios. Instituto Navarro de la Juventud (2022).

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