Premature Collection - The best quality in the world

Every year more than 30,000 brave little ones are born prematurely in Spain who come to life before their time and light it up in a special way.
Moving away from the everyday, we wanted to make an effort to design and make the best garment on the market to accompany all premature babies in their first days and wrap them in the best way we know how: with our organic and environmentally friendly clothes.

But, for them, we have used much more special and delicate fabrics; Do you want to know how these unique fabrics were born?
They are called organic cotton colours, it has 150 farmers and their families; each farmer is in charge of growing cotton seeds and organic food on his hectare; It is about biodynamic crops, that is, it is cultivated in an artisanal way and does not use any fertilizer or insecticides; the farmers themselves separate the seeds to reuse them or feed the animals.
With the bales of feather cotton, the fabric manufacturing cycle begins: spinning, weaving and manufacturing, without applying wet processes in any of the phases.
By not using any type of chemical, it is a completely pure and biodegradable cotton with the natural colors of the Earth.
The cotton of our garments is free of toxic or carcinogenic chemicals; It is hypoallergenic and prevents redness, allergies and itching.

It is perfect for people with delicate health or skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.

The best raw material in the world for the best in the world.


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