Mothernista is a tribute to all modern mothers. A song to love, against judgments and that fights to demystify ancient tales.

Mothernist = Mother

Modernist = Modern

Because we have the right to live a respected motherhood, whatever our option, because access to updated information is a duty.

#MisTetasNoSonTuAsunto was the trigger for this movement. Verderliss publicly shared comments she received reproaching the act of breastfeeding in public and thousands of women made the cause viral. As a sign of sorority, they flooded breastfeeding networks.

We stand up against the sexualization of the mother's body in an act as pure as feeding her child... in any format. Because the use that a woman gives to her body is up to her and her baby. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding, our boobs are our business.

1. There is no exhibitionism in a lactating breast

2. It is not too big to take a breast

3. He doesn't use us as a pacifier

4. It is not aguachirri

5. He is not spoiled

6. It won't give you cavities

7. Do not take every 3 hours

8. It's not just vice

I am not a puppet of your obsolete thoughts, because I am a mothernist, a modern mother, aware of ancient tales that hinder our motherhood.