Valentine, you arrived

You arrived with Cupid, quick as arrows and shooting arrows at everyone with that love that wins any battle.

We have the bad habit of clipping Cupid's wings and only celebrating love with our partners, forgetting that complicit look with your brother, that hand full of life from your grandmother, that conversation with your mother or that smile that turns the world upside down. above your little...

And it is that…it is so, Cupid, we were wrong; and inadvertently we clip your wings and we forget about all those people who pay homage to the word love, who make the "I love you" words make sense and are the ones who put our messy interior on its legs, that's why we have decided in Green Corners help you and return to love each of its letters and each of its meanings.

They say that smells evade and invade people, that smell does not forget and each smell is capable of transporting us to that place, at that time and that look.


Valentine remind us of the message because we recite it. Since there is no one better than you to tell that special person that you love them, we want you to tell them with your words and in a very special way: through our Augmented Reality card with a detail that reminds them of the smell of unique moments and above all full of love: The exclusive fragrance of BABY & ME.

Unique details for unique people , we have already let ourselves be enveloped in its aroma... and you?

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