Why Green Corners?

Our faithful followers will have quickly guessed where the name of Green Cornerss comes from and the most veterans will have even deduced the inspiration from the little footprints of the logo. I leave you the video in question, one afternoon where in that same "Green Corner" my children shared a memorable moment of creativity, dreams, laughter...:

And it is that as I already told you, Green Cornerss is the textile representation of the mythical "Rincón Verde" (with double "ss" as Verdeliss) operations center of great communications with our community and place where we go when we look for a little bit of peace, well-being with family and above all nature! Children creating flower necklaces, throwing stones, making friends with ladybugs, having picnics and enjoying crafts. Definitely a space that brings to life the values ​​of our brand: natural raw materials, care for the environment, color, joy, fun, freedom and many emotions.

Going back to the logo...we thought of giving it a more personal character, never better said, signing this project! And it was the twins who colored the image of Green Cornerss . Temperas, laughter and the secret that two of the fingers correspond to Eider's hand and the remaining three to Anne's hand. Our daughters, who have been great testers of the garments and will debut the first collection... by the hairs, in this fashion designed by and for babies from 0 to 2 years old .

See you soon,

Estefania Unzu Ripoll

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Me gustaria que ampliaran las tallas… tengo un niño de 26 meses y me da mucha pena no poder vestirlo con su línea de ropa. Muchas gracias y un saludo.

Vanesa October 01, 2018

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