The story of the Green Cornerss song

We have our own song!! Composed by @froggies_kids, it transmits the values ​​of a brand that prioritizes the well-being, comfort and stimulation of children. Its director @cristinasaraldi tells us her story:

Before being a mother, she dreamed of painting and singing. In fact, whenever I imagined myself with a magic lamp I thought of those two wishes. The third, travel ;).

However, since I became a mother, many things have changed. One of them is my two wishes to a magic lamp. I would no longer ask to sing or paint. And because? Paint, because with facial makeup I have "retaliated". I have found the body as a canvas and it helps me, for now, not wanting to paint anymore.

And with singing something similar has happened to me. Since Chloe was born in 2011, I have not stopped inventing songs day after day. What if as a baby, what if with stories, what if as an adult... Sometimes our life seems like a musical. Now there are two people who think that I sing wonderfully. And I no longer feel that shame that I felt before.

Of course, I keep singing "different" ;). Although I don't care anymore. Motherhood has given me back the confidence that while still a child, a teacher staggered me. I will also tell you that beyond my children, sometimes I sing. I sing in Froggies: I sing when I tell stories; I sing when I do events and I sing when I design product actions. And that's exactly what I want to talk to you about today. About how valuable jingles are and how important it is to do them judiciously and with that eagle vision that all products need today to go on stage. I see it as necessary to create any idea putting all the senses on the real needs of the people we are addressing.

That is why we wrote a text according to what Green Corners was transmitting to us at that time. And how did this Green Cornerss song come about? As things destined to happen usually happen, in a very “magical” way. Estefi wrote us to Froggies. I met their team and met with Chema and Paola. That's when a lot of ideas started to come up.

They told us: - We are going to make a presentation of the new clothing line: Green Corners by Verdeliss. We listened to Barcelona, ​​families, children, colors, pinwheels, confidence... and our heads began to spin and croak.

Our idea of ​​children's marketing is this: listening to the needs of the product and connecting them with our knowledge of childhood as a playgroup . If we add to all this the love and empathy of the communication towards this dialogue between creators of the brand and its user experience, it can only be a success.

After Estefi told us about the brand's values ​​and history, and seeing that it was focused on children from 0 to 24 months, I began to think about the needs of these children and these moments.

I thought about the time they are in and how they discover and feel their world (will it ever be our world?). In the difficulty that we sometimes have to dress them, in what they like to dance and move, in how it motivates them to overcome challenges, in the language and how they are acquiring it, in the movements or songs of the fingers, in the freedom of movement and above all. everything, in the affection that I think we must transmit. I feel from the bottom of my heart that for society to change, the look towards childhood must change profoundly. Without forgetting the basic need when we work with children to impregnate the world of love of the "güeno". And honestly, thanks to Green Corners, this has been the easiest task. Working with a brand that arises from Estefi's love and desire to create her own clothes, added to the care and love felt by her team, only makes everything flow and be a success.

What emerged was a simple letter where I thought about all these issues that fathers, mothers and children can share. Also being able to do it lying down, sitting or standing and looking into each other's eyes , something that allows us to connect and often tickles our souls.

I was very aware of the power that music has at these ages and how , thanks to rhythms, children can be even better in sync with themselves and with the world.

Whenever I talk about music and childhood, I cannot avoid mentioning my admired Tamara Chuvarosky: " Neuroscience explains how singing and dancing are developmental allies, how it helps children to be more sensitive to others, to socialize, to be more calm and happy among other things”. Something that invites us once again to sing and dance more often”.

When the song was already designed to be sung at the event, tate! Life showed us once again that it never ceases to amaze us. At that moment an angel appeared, Gemma Luquin, who after connecting very thoroughly, helped us put music and voice on it... Coming from a great professional, it was yet another gift. Gema and Roberto, thank you!! And voilà, here it is, the result played on spotify...

Those of you who saw us live already know the dance. To the rest... you will soon enjoy it and we hope you learn it and share it. We hope to see you sing and dance very soon and we will love to enjoy your experiences.

Thank you all and above all thank you Green Cornerss. We will see each other on this blog talking about the game, resources and topics that may interest you. Thank you truly for trusting me and Froggies.


Facebook: @CrisSaraldi

Instagram: @cristinasaraldi

Froggies: @froggies_kids

Raquel Arce Gómez

Graduada en Farmacia. Nº colegiado: 3438 Departamento I+D+i Green Cornerss Care

Raquel Arce es graduada en Farmacia por la Universidad de Navarra y está especializada en la Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación en la industria del medicamento para mejorar la salud de las personas.

Asesora en la formulación de nuevos productos dermocosméticos, gestión de documentación con los laboratorios, resolución de dudas de consumidoras y elaboración de blog divulgativos.

Actualmente, forma parte del personal técnico de apoyo a la investigación en el departamento de Ensayos Clínicos de Navarrabiomed, Centro de Investigación Biomédica del Gobierno de Navarra y de la Universidad Pública de Navarra (UPNA).

Experiencia profesional

  • Personal técnico de apoyo a la investigación en Navarrabiomed - Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Navarra (2023-actualidad).
  • Técnico de investigación en el Departamento de Tecnología y Química Farmacéuticas de la Universidad de Navarra (2021-2022).
  • Farmacéutica interina (2021-2022).
  • Estancia formativa en Farmacia (2021).
  • Estancia de formación en el laboratorio de investigación de calidad ambiental de TIMAC AGRO España (2019).


  • Grado en Farmacia por la Universidad de Navarra (2021).
  • Curso de Primeros Auxilios en la naturaleza. Instituto Navarro de la Juventud (2022).
  • Curso de iniciación a los Primeros Auxilios. Instituto Navarro de la Juventud (2022).

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Me encanta lo que trasmitis tanto desde la vida familiar hasta la profesional, cuidais cada detalle y sois tan dulces en todos los aspectos que da gusto tanto ver la crianza de tus hijos tan sanos y felices como usar estas prendas basadas en esta crianza siempre pensando en la comodidad de los más pequeños, me encanta todo lo que hacéis (hablo en plural y es que me refiero a todo el equipo que hay detrás desde estos niños maravillosos que sin duda son los que te han impulsado a lanzar esta marca hasta Cristina Saraldi por esta canción tan significativa para esta marca y es que cuando las cosas se hacen desde el corazón se notan) así que no me queda más que felicitaros a todos por el gran equipo que hacéis y por esos valores que nos trasmitis y que sin duda llegan al corazón, muchos besos y saludos desde Córdoba

Ainoa October 01, 2018

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