Autumn-Winter 2018 Collection - With a lot of rhythm!

Learning to the rhythm of Queen

Freddy Mercury had the ability to move us, to surprise us and to bring out our rocker side without knowing that we had it.

Behind that key on the piano, that string hidden behind a guitar or that revolutionary blow against a drum kit…behind all of this there are feelings, there are stories that curse love and others that say what love is.

We live surrounded by sounds, which we desperately seek to comfort us and by their hand, live unique moments; We have the bad habit of calling these sounds songs when they are sung feelings impossible to pick up, in a word.

There is an old myth that states that people hide behind the letters, the sounds because they are capable of reflecting our emotions.

Green Corners is like music, a piano made from our pieces, with each of the emotions that surround us, with learning keys and sounds that are the result of what we decide to play.

This collection is special because we have let ourselves be carried away by Queen to transmit everything that we are; We are life, beginning and learning.

Music occupies a unique place on an emotional and intellectual level, increasing attention, concentration and memory capacities;

It is also closely linked to the part of the arts, creativity and talent, helping psychomotor development to make him a more active child.

In short, music contributes to positive growth and faster and more effective learning; The best way to create concerns is for our little ones to surround themselves with elements that inspire them, that attract them and give them free rein to their feelings and emotions.

We want the little ones to feel independent and music is synonymous with freedom.

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